Flight Studio - Opening February 2015

If you've ever stepped on board a passenger place - once you've turned right past the stewards and stewardesses, located your seat, put your head luggage in the overhead locker and settled down in your sear to enjoy the flight - you've probably looked towards the front of the place, and had the occasional fleeting glimpse of what was going on in the pilot's cockpit. 

To most of us, the cockpits of familiar planes like the Boeing 737 are places of some mystery and not a little glamour, full of a dazzling array of glinting switches and dials, urgent conversations over radios, and stylish uniforms.

There can be few airline passengers that haven’t wondered, at least in passing, what it might be like to don the captain’s hat, take up their position in the pilot’s seat, and grab the controls on one of those classic routes through the skies, say from London Heathrow to Paris Charles de Gaulle or New York JFK.

But let’s face it, for most of us, unless we have several spare years to devote to training (not to mention a natural aptitude for such things), the nearest we’ll ever get to flying a plane is to have a game on a fun, but essentially unconvincing flight simulation game on our laptop or games console.

So what would you say to the chance of entering an actual cockpit, and taking the controls of a plane that’s the same in every respect as the one you’d encounter if you’d turned left after getting on board your standard holiday or weekend-away flight? The only difference being that this particular cockpit was situated in a purpose-built, spacious studio, in a leafy garden setting just outside Cambridge

Flight Studio Cambridge offers anyone – individuals, work colleagues, groups of friends, families – an incredible real-time experience that gives you the chance to fly a Boeing 737 from inside a life size replica cockpit that’s so close to the real thing that qualified airline pilots and trainees actually use it for their training.


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