If you are interested in learning more about the bushcraft, you can see the knife on sites like Knifeworks. It might also be helpful to learn more about this unique knife and how it works before you decide to buy. Keep reading to get the best info on the Knockout.

The Knockout Handle

Although looking at the knife, or a picture of the knife, might give you a general idea about whether you might like it or not, you need more info to know for certain. After all, a knife that looks great does not necessarily equal a knife that performs the way you want it to. Perhaps the first thing that most knife lovers start examining is the handle. The Knockout has a black handle created from anodized aluminum. While a basic design, it is elegant in its simplicity. The handle is designed to be comfortable to use, and it has a good grip.

Deploying The Knockout

There are two options for an assisted opening with the Knockout: You can use the flipper or the thumb studs. The thumb studs are ambidextrous, so anyone can use them comfortably. Both options make for a very simple and easy deployment. As soon as the Knockout has been deployed, you will hear a clicking sound that indicates it is locked into place. The steel locking bar is made to keep the blade exactly where it needs to be. Some lesser knives may start to wear once they have been deployed multiple times, but the Knockout is often praised in reviews for staying steady continuously, even after you’ve used it for a long time. This feature is known as the “Speed Safe” feature and is unusual in that it is often included only on the more expensive knives. Since the price for a Knockout is less than $100, Speed Safe is a very unique and valuable feature for any knife in this price category.

Carrying The Knockout

The Knockout was designed to be easy to use and carry. It has a pocket clip that allows for carry completely within the pocket. Thanks to the design of the handle, it can be carried in four unique positions. Due to the thin and lightweight nature of this knife, it is a good candidate for a knife that you can keep with you at all times. It can fit seamlessly into nearly any pocket with very little noticeable silhouette.

You can see a kershaw knockout review here: Knockout by Kershaw. Check it out to find out even more about this great knife.


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