One of the most serious issues that homeowners in the Los Angeles metropolitan area face is the damage caused by household pets. No where is this situation more apparent, then when owners of single family homes and apartment buildings attempt to get rid of termites. They wish to avoid the damage that these insects cause by doing the job themselves or hiring a professional bed bug exterminator to solve their problems once and for all.

The majority of termite related problems are caused by what are known as ‚ÄúDrywood” termites. These insects make their home in the wood structures of buildings and in the wood that forms outdoor decks. By making holes in the wood, structures can become weak over time. Termites historically have make their home in California and the western states, primarily because these states have lower levels of moisture. When drought conditions exist, colonies of termites can multiple exponentially.

Many people do not realize they even have a Drywood termite scenario until they see termite dust or the fecal droppings left by these pests. They learn that what they mistakenly thought was sawdust, was in fact proof that termites were in their walls. When a pest control company arrives for a consultation, this is one of the first things they will check for.

Los Angeles Termite Control can come in two forms. The older of the two methods requires that all people and pets are evacuated from the premises for the duration of a week’s time. A large tent is placed over the building and fumigation chemicals are pumped in. This approach is often seen as antiquated, as the chemicals used have been found to be made from carcinogenic materials.

The other termite pest control los angeles ca homeowners can count on, uses spot applications of termite fighting chemicals. These professional products are added to a home topically and rarely require families to relocate. This makes it more economical for landlords and property owners who would otherwise have to pay for hotels during the relocation process.

A topical chemical is placed on wood beams and anywhere termites can be sighted. For painted wood within a home, small holes are drilled into the wood to hold anti-termite foam. While these pest control products might have a smell, they are not directly sprayed near residents and their domestic pets. Professional termite control companies often find that this is an effective and affordable method for getting the job accomplished.


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