With a little more than four divorces annually per thousand residents of the state, New Hampshire seems to fall right along the national median. As the state’s population tends to be older than that of many others in the country, though, this statistic can be a little bit deceptive. In fact, when adjusted for the age of residents, the incidence of divorce in New Hampshire actually stands out a little, even if it is far less remarkable than in places like Nevada or Arkansas.

A number of theories have been proposed as to why the mature, generally conservative people of New Hampshire split up at such a high rate. One of the most common is that familial ties in the state have been weakened over the decades by the outpouring of younger people to states with larger urban centers. This breaking down of the close, local family units that prevailed in the state for so many years, some researchers believe, makes troubled couples more likely to decide to dissolve their marital bonds altogether.

Another reason for the recent uptick in the divorce rate is the economic troubles that are just now receding. Divorce rates inevitably climb as stock markets fall, with rising unemployment rates being one of the most capable predictors of an upcoming surge in divorce.

While the improving economy in the state probably foretells something of a relaxation in divorce rates, then, the structural changes that are causing New Hampshire’s population to age seem less likely to reverse. That means that the outlook for the average divorce attorney portland in New Hampshire is strong and will probably stay that way into the near future.

Because of this, there is no shortage of divorce lawyers in nh, with their numbers having grown substantially over the course of the last decade. Firms like upton & hatfield that specialize in guiding residents through the process have never been busier, and the average Divorce Attrorney in New Hampshire is often doing much better than many colleagues with different specialties.

One recent development that might be thought to work against this is the rise in mutually agreeable divorce arrangements, where the parties involved settle their affairs without the help of the courts. In fact, though, it is also increasingly common for those who commit to this process to also retain a pair of attorneys for assistance. In the end, then, the state’s lawyers who specialize in such matters are just as much in demand as before.


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